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About The Studio

Oak Knoll is a new full-service studio located in Missouri City, TX. 

We offer lessons in wheel-throwing and hand-building, and we include the cost of firing and glazing in your monthly tuition.

Already a potter?  Join a class and hone your skills!  Never touched clay before?  Call and reserve a class and get your hands dirty!


About The Artist - Amy Lancaster


My love for ceramics began in 2013; my husband gave me the gift of four pottery classes for Christmas and I never looked back. I was raised in North Carolina and we lived along the Eastern Coast for many years before moving to Houston. These experiences and memories of the ocean and sea life inspire my creations. I craft each piece with the same love I have for the beauty of Mother Nature.


I enjoy layering colors to create movement and motion; this is especially true with blues, amber, and white glazes. One of my signature pieces is a large wave pattern, made with multiple applications of different blues. My true love is throwing on the wheel, but I enjoy the artistry of hand building also.


I currently have a public studio in Missouri City, Texas, where I display my work and teach pottery classes. I am a member of Saltgrass Potters and love participating in art shows. Being able to interact and speak with people, to see my pottery in their hands, gives me great joy. Many of my pieces are functional and dinnerware safe. Others are purely decorative and abstract. They are all made with lots of love, from me to you. 

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